Thursday, July 5, 2012

Welcome to Earth

I spent the fourth bouncing around. I started with breakfast with Chris and Sha and then hopped over to TC's Rib Crib to hang with Angie, Joe, Doug, and Jieun. Then it was back to Mountain's Edge for a BBQ with Edris and family/friends. Finally, went up to Summerlin to watch the Red Rock fireworks from Jieun's rooftop with Angie and Bawoo.

I basically just picked some settings (ISO 50, F/11, 30 seconds) and this was the first and only image I captured of the show. Aside from some levels, the image is unaltered. After the Station Casinos nine-minute light show, we had the perfect vantage point for all the illegal pyrotechnics going on around us. Great day overall.