Saturday, March 30, 2013

Modern Japanese

It has been entirely too long since I last posted a blog update. So what better subject to get going again than food photos?

We had an unofficial Yelp event (UYE) at Yonaka Modern Japanese organized by Christina W and Arvin C. For a mere $30, we had an incredible nine-course meal. I think most of the photos do the courses justice.

Yuzu Sake

Suika - compressed watermelon, starfruit, fish sauce, thai basil

Murugai - mussels, tomato water, celery, basil blossoms

Iroha - atlantic salmon, asian pear, golden tomato, quinoa, mizuna

Kinoko - shiitake, yellowfoot, kings trumpet, sesame

Kaki - shigoku oyster, cucumber mignonette, watermelon

Fruit plate served midway through

Gyu - wagyu, orange supreme, peach herb puree, fish sauce gelee

Uni - sea urchin, kabocha, salmon roe scallops, mushroom

Kama - binchotan grilled yellowtail collar, grilled vegetables

Kanmi - lemon, pistachio, apple