Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 19 - Blog Fail

This is just a closeup of a beer bottle I hadn't yet put into the recycling bin. I'm still on my reverse lens macro kick. I shot my flash through the underside of the bottle to get the glow.

The real story here is that I finally had a complete brain fart and failed to take a photo on this day. I'm somewhat saved by a technicality. The photo above was taken pretty much right at midnight, so it's good enough. The kicker is that my camera's clock was ahead by about 8 minutes, so this photo was recorded as being taken at 12:08am on June 19. That's also the reason why I didn't use it for the previous day. I've been anal about the whole "daily" thing, and I couldn't bring myself to use it for June 18. Well, that decision ended up saving me.

This all probably sounds like madness, but if I'm going to do a daily photo blog, I want to do it right. This little hiccup irks me, but I'm determined to continue this blog. Project 306 goes on!

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