Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14 - Crescent Turtlehead

When I left Bikram Yoga yesterday, I noticed how awesome the moon looked as it set above the Spring Mountains. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera last night. I did Bikram again tonight and made sure to have my camera with me this time.

I had about 45 minutes before the moon would set, so I drove towards Summerlin. As soon as I saw the weird shape of Turtlehead Peak, I knew what I would name this blog post. Unfortunately, taking the photo a day later meant the moon set later and the mountains and sky were much darker. This didn't help with getting a good exposure on the mountains and the moon at the same time. I ended up bracketing and using a combination of two exposures in Photoshop to get this photo. It's on the dark side (no pun intended), but I'm fine with that.

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