Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 25 - Eye Of Coit

I thought I would do Alcatraz today. For some reason, I figured I could just show up and get a ticket. Turns out, it was sold out until Saturday (today being Wednesday). I didn't have a backup plan, but I looked up, saw Coit Tower, and decided to head for it.

I took the "famous" Filbert Steps to the tower. Even though they are steps, it's considered a street and people live along it.

Final steps leading up to Telegraph Hill and the base of the tower

I was a little disappointed with the actual tower, partly due to it still being a little warm and the Plexiglass windows didn't allow any breeze up there. I did manage to get this interesting photo. I call it the Eye of Coit.

The Transamerica Building from Telegraph Hill

Just an interesting angle I found on a building near my cousins' Alumwire offices.