Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13 - Duck Duck Go

I feel like my photos have been pretty uninspired lately. I pretty much go home after work and then at the last minute, try to find something to photograph in my house. Today, I was already close by at Fresh N Easy and it was a quick trip up Eastern to Sunset Park to get something a little more interesting. At the very least, it's a photo that takes place away from home.

The title is simply a new search engine that I learned about a few weeks ago.


  1. Is there a way so that people can't copy these pictures in to their computer? Ate Sarah

  2. Not really. You can use some techniques, but everything is crackable. You could put a watermark over your photos.

    I've just decided to not care. I put up small versions so that people can't really do anything with them. If they decide to use them, I just hope they give credit.