Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apr 30 - Horseshoes and Watchtowers

I never planned on catching the sunrise at any point on this trip. For some reason, though, I was awake at 5am and couldn't sleep. So I decided to get up.

I left Grand Canyon NP through the east entrance. Along the way is the Desert View Watchtower.

It's basically a gift shop that was designed to fit into the natural landscape as much as possible.

Just outside Page, AZ is this wicked 270-degree curve in the Colorado River, aptly named Horseshoe Bend. Since I arrived so early, I did the short hike and scouted the place out. Although I have a 16-35mm lens, my 1.6x crop factor prevents me from getting the entire view in a single frame.

I returned later on to catch a not-so-spectacular sunset. The shot below is a 3-shot panorama - something I pretty much never do. Strangely, I think I prefer the broad daylight shot above.

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