Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aug 6 - Virgin Narrow Slot

I finally made it into the Zion Narrows—a spectacular slot canyon at the north fork of the Virgin River in Zion National Park. I bought a dry bag to protect my camera gear and headed upstream with our party of four. We had time constraints, so I chose to only bust out my DSLR once to capture an image for this blog (for snapshots, I also had my point-and-shoot in a waterproof case I got from Amazon).

To be honest, I'm not completely happy with the results. But then again, when am I ever? I will definitely have to return. I might have to go by myself so that I don't feel like people are waiting for me. I should also go on a weekday so there are fewer people—I had to wait a little while to capture the shot below sans Homo sapiens.

And of course, I also updated my Zion Yelp review.


  1. Oh wow....this is cool. When you said 30 second, this is 1/30th of a second? Or do you actually mean 30 seconds, standing there, not moving?

  2. Thanks Lisa. This shot is a 30-second exposure. I brought my tripod on the hike. You'd be a superhero if you could hold a camera still for 1 second, let alone 30.