Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sep 26 - Narrow Dynamic Range

I'll be the first to admit that HDR (high dynamic range) photography is easy to overdo (and often is). However, my main goal for the past ten months has been to try and get a spectacular vertical photo for my wall. I tried to capture the Yosemite "Firefall" and mother nature didn't cooperate. I went to Antelope Canyon and couldn't quite decide on one amazing photo that stood out.

So this leads to my return trip to the Zion Narrows. I went solo so that I could stop and shoot whenever I wanted without holding people up. Initially, I wasn't sure the trip was a success, but I'm pleasantly surprised with how these HDRs turned out. Like I said, HDR can be overdone. In fact, these are over the top. But I think their painterly quality is acceptable considering one of these is going on my wall as art.

I'll probably end up dialing it back when it comes to the final edit.