Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oct 13 - Well Hung

I absolutely love my new canvas gallery wrap. It took me almost a year to finally take a vertical photo that I thought was worth blowing up to 40x60, but I think it was worth the wait (I actually paid for the canvas during a Black Friday sale last year).

It looks crazy awesome in person. This photo doesn't do it justice. By the way, I only posed with the canvas to give it some scale.


  1. Great picture!! (both this one and the canvas as well). It's gorgeous! I love the coloring; it turned out really well! Sooooo nice. Me want, me want.

  2. You know, this actually reminds me that I was going to ask you if you sell prints, for that exact spot in my house (which is the same model as yours.. haha).

  3. Oops. Almost forgot to reply to you. Umm... I'm not well versed in the world of selling prints. However, if you want something I've done, we can work something out.