Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sideways Country

We took a short trip to California's central coast. I recently had Jieun watch "Sideways" and she really enjoyed it. So of course, we had to go visit a couple of film locations.

Just like Jack and Miles in the movie, our first stop was to Alma Rosa Winery. It was actually called Sanford during the time of the film, but they have since been forced to drop the name. Fortunately, they have maintained their small, independent vibe. The whole place is just rustic and quaint.

With the sun quickly setting, we decided to make our way into the strangely Danish town of Solvang. Sure the place tends to be touristy. But we had a surprisingly nice time walking around and checking out all of the small shops. If we didn't have dinner reservations at The Hitching Post II (our other Sideways movie destination), we probably would have eaten more in Solvang—they have a ton of cute little bakeries.

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