Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yummy Grill & Sushi

What better way to close out 2013 than with an epic dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant?

We set up an omakase meal with Chef Eric and he pulled out all the stops. Everything was terrific as usual. Fresh seafood—many still live—flown in from various parts of the world. If you like sushi and haven't checked out Yummy Grill on Lake Mead (not to be confused with other restaurants with the same name), you're missing out.

Here is a sample of the delicious eats we experienced before celebrating the coming of 2014. I wanted to try some abstract macro shots. The truth is that I don't have real macro gear, so abstract is all I got. It was fun and challenging.

Live octopus tentacle

Three types of ahi tuna

Chilean sea bass

Live uni over brown rice, topped with tobiko (flying fish roe) and quail egg

Hama Hama oysters

Live abalone

Ankimo (monkfish liver)

And of course, good old-fashioned unagi

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