Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ocean Beach Dog Beach

We had planned to camp at Hilltop Campground in the Mt Charleston area, but the forecast showed thunderstorms. Rain is fine. Lightning no good. (Though I'm sure the flood victims have something to say about that).

So we made a last minute switch and headed down to San Diego instead. I discovered Ocean Beach Dog Beach through It's a great place to let your dog roam off leash.

For those who don't know, Bawoo's eyesight is mostly gone. It happened pretty quickly over the last couple of months. As a result, he's nowhere near as active as he used to be. It was nice to let him roam around on his own. It's just too bad we never brought him here before.

He even gained a little sidekick.

There were tons of dogs running around like crazy.

Bawoo actually got in the way of the shot below, but a little cropping and I still like it.

I thought this dog looked quite majestic. Full disclosure: there was a girl wearing a pink top walking in the background. She was a distraction so I removed her. Not a bad Photoshop job, eh? You can probably see the remnants of her reflection by the dog's left hind leg.

I thought this dog looked cute in a weird way.

Swallowed by the ocean! A little wave came in and swept him off his feet. Bawoo normally hates water. Actually, if he could see, he might never have gone anywhere near it. So this was a funny moment.

Trying to dig himself out.

He gets tired pretty quickly these days.

And now we have a sandy dog to clean up before going back in my brand new car!

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