Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 13 - Aviation Nation

I pretty much went to Aviation Nation this year for one reason - the F-22 Raptor (above). I missed it last year and was determined to catch it this year. It's an amazing machine. And it's freakin' Starscream!

Outside of the F-22, I wasn't really into the show this year. When I went in 2009, I got some pretty good photos of the Air Force Thunderbirds. However, I did miss their ground show (the stuff they do before takeoff), so I made sure to get some of that this year. Once they taxied away, I was ready to leave. I stuck around to get some photos, but I didn't really feel like just recreating what I already got last year, even in the name of this blog.

There's one exception. I think the panning shot is my favorite photographic technique. I just had to get another one of the Thunderbirds landing. In fact, that one might be better than what I got last year.

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