Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29 - Happy Chocoholiday!

I had been looking forward to this Yelp event for weeks. I took Allan and Christine to Max Brenner inside the Forum Shops for the quirkily named, Max Brenner's Happy Chocoholiday. Rather than come up with a new write-up, I figure a copy and paste of my Yelp review works just as well...

I give this event five stars. One for each pound I gained.

Quote of the evening: "No mas leche" - a server commenting to a bus person as he was clearing stuff from our table. My cousin got cut off from the mini-flasks of milk! LOL

Misti, you always throw one helluva party. Thanks Mr Brenner. My cousins and I had such a great time. I always love seeing all of my Yelp buddies. The food is always great, but the people are even better. The Yelp community rocks! That's really why I like coming to these events.

OK OK, so the free food and drinks help. Loved the pulled pork sliders, the chocolate martinis, the paninis, the Philly cheese steaks, the banana waffle thingies... all delicious. And of course, what would a Chocoholiday be without chocolate chunk cookies? And what would chocolate chunk cookies be without the aforementioned shots of milk in chemistry-esque mini-flasks?

Ugh... I hear the gym calling my name.


  1. okay... seriously I am missing all the good stuff. they promised to change my shift soon. That would be awesome! Working days and off nights! Yea!

  2. Yeah this was a great event. There will be others.