Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 15 - Bud Light Show (METoC Day 2)

This photo started out with a simple idea. I wanted to sit inside my tent (sans rain fly) with the camera set on a tripod outside. I was going to trigger the shutter remotely and just set off the flash in my hand to light myself drinking a Bud Light Lime. Long story short, Louie got involved and the photo quickly evolved into a joint work of art.

In the final product, I still started the shutter remotely and I still flashed myself inside the tent. Louie did all the hard work outside. In the span of a 30-second exposure, he ran around like a mad man creating the light streaks with his head lamp, adding the red ground glow and floating highlights with his own flash (with gel), and producing the background glow by hitting the keyless entry on his car key.


  1. Were you guys high? LOL

  2. hahahaa u know I'm waiting for pics of Leo's place!!! AT least his ball! LOL

  3. Oh man... sorry to disappoint. We watched stage 2 on the same day that we visited the cottage. I had a hard time deciding between more race photos or TWiT Cottage photos. Maybe I'll do another special May 17 post. Why not... it's Leo's ball!