Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31 - Observations Points

The pluralization of the title is a running gag we had going during the trip. For some reason, the topic came up about people strangely pluralizing things. For example, Red Rocks instead of just Red Rock and Nordstroms instead of just Nordstrom.

Anyway, we did the eight mile (round trip) hike up to Observation Point and then a little bit of Hidden Canyon on the way down. The OP hike has an elevation gain of about 2100 feet. The steep switchbacks start right at the trailhead and seem to never end. OP is much higher than Angels Landing, but I have a feeling AL is a more fun hike (and shorter too). I did enjoy the canyon section of OP and also the short segment of HC that we hiked.

What I find surprising is that OP has about the same elevation gain as Turtlehead Peak at Red Rock. It seems much tougher than Turtlehead to me, probably because of its length.

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