Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 17 - Leo's Ball (METoC Day 4)

I just realized that my only rule is that I must take a photo every day. That doesn't preclude multiple postings for a single day. My visit to the TWiT Cottage is certainly worthy of an extra post.

If you're a geek, you've no doubt heard of Leo Laporte and his Internet show called This Week in Tech. He broadcasts it from a house in Petaluma, CA aptly named the TWiT Cottage. Out of everything we did on this trip, this was my one must-do.

We were actually there after hours and on a day they are normally closed. I was perfectly happy with just seeing the place and taking a photo of the exterior. Luckily for us, Dane Golden was working inside and invited us in. I told him we had a dog with us. His response? "We like dogs!"

I've met Leo a couple times before, so it wasn't a big deal he wasn't there. In fact, it allowed me more time to check out the studio. Dane had me sit on Leo's ball and he gave me a rundown of all the technology. On our way out, he gave us little TWiT souvenirs. I was blown away by his hospitality.


  1. This so rocks :) totally awesome. I am heading up to Clear Lake, CA for 4th of July and TwiT Cottage is on my list of musts too. Thanks for sharing -- got any more? :)

  2. I have a bunch, but they're all pretty similar. I try to be selective. BTW, I pretty much posted these for you. You should definitely visit them. Check their web site for details.

  3. oh cool thanks so much - I really need to meet Leo (without screaming hopefully), unlike you -- we've never met!!

  4. I watched TWiT live this past Sunday and he had a boat load of visitors. I didn't realize until afterward when they took turns sitting on the ball and taking a photo with Leo.

  5. Hah yeah... old school TWiT Cottage.