Friday, June 7, 2013

카페 톨릭스 - Café Tolix

Time to take a break from all things Korean. Well, not really.

Jieun's Dad took us to brunch at this French place called Café Tolix. I wasn't trying to eat non-Korean cuisine during the trip, but I obviously wasn't going to object. Korea in general seems to have a thing for French culture. You'll see bakeries like Paris Baguette and Tous Les Jours all over the city. The food at Café Tolix was actually quite good. Their tagline is "Sharing Food & Culture," so everything we ordered was family style.

Fresh Salmon Salad (프레쉬 연어샐러드). Very fresh tasting.

Pasta with Rice Crusts (누룽지 파스타). This was as tasty as it looks. The crispy rice crusts were at the bottom of the pan under the seafood and spaghetti.

Cod Roe Potato Gratin (명란 감자 그라당). I didn't realize this had fish roe in it at first. It's a good example of a Korean twist on French food.

A cute shot with Jieun's sister Sooeun and their Dad after brunch. It's just too bad Jihong's face is obscured.

Jieun with her Dad and Jihong outside the restaurant.

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