Saturday, June 15, 2013

가로수 길 - Garosu-gil

On our only Saturday night in Korea, we decided to check out a lively area known as Garosu-gil. I didn't realize at the time, but garosu-gil means "tree-lined street." So in actuality, there are garosu-gil all over Seoul. This particular (and famous) one is in Sinsa-dong in Gangnam-gu.

The street we walked down was filled with trendy name brand stores that I really had no interest in entering. This coffee shop did catch my attention, though. It has this elaborate Canon display out front. Of course it was going to catch my attention!

As I've noted before, the best restaurants are usually not on the main road, but rather along smaller side streets. That's where we found this place with an unusually large tree inside. It reminds me of the Griswolds.

We started with this refreshing sparkling plum wine crafted with Korean green plum juice.

The restaurant name is 간장새우, which simply means "soy sauce shrimp." Sounds harmless enough until you realize they are completely raw. This is the first time I've ever had shrimp with this kind of presentation. The verdict? Absolutely delicious. That's understating it a bit. This dish blew me away. Simple yet so very yummy.

We also had the slightly more conventional grilled squid.

After dinner, we found desert and coffee at a spot called Coco Bruni.

Gangnam is probably the mecca of plastic surgery. You'll see posters and billboards everywhere you turn.

We saw a bunch of plastic surgery offices around the Sinsa subway station. Apparently, this building has ten stories worth.

Finally, I just took a photo of this building because it looks cool. The colors are animated.