Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31 - End Of Line

I had such a fun photo day at Death Valley, I'm OK with not having anything spectacular for the last day of Project 306. To be honest, it's like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. As much as I enjoy photography, to be constantly thinking about the next photo idea has been mentally draining. Now that Project 306 has officially ended, I am in need of a break.

On the other hand, I've been bringing my camera almost everywhere I go for the past ten months. It's a tough habit to break, so I will probably continue to have the camera with me. I'll keep going with the occasional blog post, but I am no longer tied down by the "daily" rule.

I hope everyone enjoyed checking the photos, whether it was just a single post or if you followed the blog regularly. Either way, I appreciate all the support.

Happy 2011 =)


  1. ZOMG! Thanks! I like the photo. Good job on executing your 306 commitment :-)

  2. Thanks. And thanks for the good photo.